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Check Out 'Gangster Squad' On DVD, Blu-ray & More April 23

Gangster SquadCheck Out 'Gangster Squad' On DVD, Blu-ray & More April 23:

On the crime-infested streets of Los Angeles in 1949, a secret squad of police officers led by two unwavering sergeants (Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling), labors to

Straight Kelly Clarkson Talks About Getting Hit On By 'The Hottest Girl Ever'

Kelly ClarksonStraight Kelly Clarkson Talks About Getting Hit On By 'The Hottest Girl Ever':

Kelly Clarkson, who is happily engaged to a man, has often been the subject of lesbian rumors, but the pop star says she isn't offended by the gossip. In fact, "the hottest girl ever" hit

Check Out 'School Of Rock' On Blu-ray Aug. 28

School Of RockCheck Out 'School Of Rock' On Blu-ray Aug. 28:

The world's least-employable heavy metal guitarist is entrusted with the minds of upstate New York's best and brightest in the fish-out-of-water comedy "School Of Rock." Jack Black plays

Brandi Glanville Flushes The Toilet Sex Rumors!

Brandi Glanville Flushes The Toilet Sex Rumors!:
Just another day in the life of Brandi Glanville!
As the wildest kitten in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills litter, she's always facing scandal. But this potty sex rumor might be the best one yet!
And that's including the time she slashed Eddie Cibrian's tires. Ha!
But she's laughing at the story of her and man friend gettin' it on in Kyle Richards' bathroom, saying:
"There was a kiss, for sure, but there was no S-E-X. Sadly, I mean, hopefully, at some point, but that night, no. It was really over-exaggerated, and people made a big deal out of it and I was like, no. It’s like, 'Brandi was in the bathroom having sex,' then it gets bigger and bigger and worse and worse as it goes through the party.
It started out innocent enough. Me and Lisa were by the bathroom with a cute man. Then, it ended up with a quick kiss. Lisa was like 'You can’t do that.' I was like, 'Haha — really?' Then, cut to people saying there was moaning and groaning in the bathroom, and there was sex and that did not happen. I mean, she [Lisa] was right there. The cameras were down. No one saw it except for her and she knows it

Were Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez Asked To Leave 'American Idol'?

American IdolWere Steven Tyler And Jennifer Lopez Asked To Leave 'American Idol'?:

After two of the three judges announced their departure this week, people are wondering if it was their choice to leave.

Exclusive Preview Clip Of 'Veep' Season One Finale (Video)

Veep season 1 finaleExclusive Preview Clip Of 'Veep' Season One Finale (Video):

Veep's first season wraps up on HBO this Sunday and we have an exclusive clip from the finale. Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, was just recently given the

Dirty Dancing Remake Postpone Due To Casting!

Dirty Dancing Remake Postpone Due To Casting!:
Well there goes our whole day!
If there was a table near, we'd go all Teresa Giudice on it!!
(Ha! JK... we don't condone rage.)
ANYWAY! The Dirty Dancing remake was supposed to grace theaters July 2013, but thanks to some casting malfunctions, the whole shebang has been pushed to 2014.
Well... just more

British Prime Minister Visits Prince's Trust

Photo: David Cameron Visits The Prince's TrustBritish Prime Minister Visits Prince's Trust:
British Prime Minister David Cameron visited The Prince's Trust in London last month to meet young people who have been helped by the charity’s Enterprise Programme, and five volunteers who have provided Business mentoring support.
David Cameron Visits The Prince's Trust
The visit followed the launch of the Government’s Start up Loan initiative, aimed at helping more young people into business.
The £82.5 million StartUp Loan scheme aims to give a new

Maureen Ryan: HBO's 'Girls' Could Be The Best New Show of 2012

Maureen Ryan: HBO's 'Girls' Could Be The Best New Show of 2012:

In the first few minutes of your acquaintance with Hannah Horvath, the lead character of "Girls" (premieres on Sunday, April 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO), you might find her alternately entitled, amusing, vulnerable and frustrating.

If what creator Lena Dunham is doing with this terrific new series appeals to you, you might have halfway fallen for Hannah by the end of the third episode. It's certainly been a long time since I was this beguiled by a set a characters, but "Girls" is one of those rare birds: It's a show that comes to us with its voice, characters and ideas fully formed.

It could be described in a lot of familiar ways: it's a com

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Births A Hip Hop Baby

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Births A Hip Hop Baby:
Who knew Bon Iver (pronounced bon eevair) was down with the OPP!?
Frontman Justin Vernon has formed a hip-hop “inspired” band with rapper Astronautilis, and the duo recorded an ENTIRE ALBUM this past weekend!!
Justin plays back beat melodies and sings chorus to accompany Astro’s raps, while Bon Iver’s drummer S Carey occasionally pops up for a cameo.
We are VERY interested to hear this frankenstein (and we don’t mean that in a bad way!) of a record, and while no release date or any other info has been

Judd Apatow To Be Honored CinemaCon Film Convention

Judd ApatowJudd Apatow To Be Honored CinemaCon Film Convention:

Judd Apatow's career will be celebrated at an upcoming Las Vegas film convention after he was unveiled as the recipient of an Excellence in Filmmaking award. The director/producer will

Какво ще видим в шоуто?

Какво ще видим в шоуто?: В понеделник ще се посмеем с актьорската вечер в "Шоуто на Слави". В какви образи ще се превъплатят актьорите този път и ще спазят ли предупреждението на Слави за скечове без цинични думи?
Освен това ще разберем и каква е новата задача във "Война на думи".

Не пропускайте да

Garrett Greer: 'Pretty Little Liars': The Case For Mona

Garrett Greer: 'Pretty Little Liars': The Case For Mona:

The most recent episode of "Pretty Little Liars," ABC Family's addictive murder mystery, had a lot going on -- creepy dolls, some long-awaited statutory rape and a new relationship (seriously, who hasn't Melissa hooked up with at this point?) -- but the second season finale, set to air this Monday night, is sure to contain even more shenanigans. The biggest of which is the highly-anticipated unmasking of the Liars' torturous bully: A.
Over the course of almost 50 episodes, the mysterious A has wreaked a serious amount of havoc (blackmailing therapists, faking suicide notes, attempted vehicular manslaughter, etc.) and the Liars have burned through just as many

Jillian Michaels Unbottles America With SodaStream

Photo: CEO Daniel Birnbaum & Jillian MichaelsJillian Michaels Unbottles America With SodaStream:
Jillian Michaels unveiled The SodaStream Cage Exhibit: “Unbottle America” on Saturday, March 10 during the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago.

CEO Daniel Birnbaum & Jillian Michaels
The massive display – which consisted of 10,657 empty cans and bottles – represented what the average family will typically consume over a 5-year period. Inside, attendees were able to view a 3D environmental short on the impact of beverage packaging waste, test out SodaStream’s latest home soda maker – the Revolution – and receive an exclusive


Дрога: Едно обикновено момче - Джордж Юнг, израства в борещо за оцеляване семейство в далечната 1950 година. Родителите му се опитват да направят живота на семейството по-лесен, но нещата отиват надолу докато накрая всичко се разпада. Джордж не иска същото нещо да се случи на него и приятелката му, затова през 1960 г, започва да продава марихуана.
През 60-те прави голяма сделка в Калифорния и попада в затвора, където научава за чудесата на кокаина. След като го освобождават той започва да се занимава с белият прах и натрупва огромно богатство, което

Jake Lloyd, AKA Anakin Skywalker, Turns His Back On Acting

Star Wars Phantom MenaceJake Lloyd, AKA Anakin Skywalker, Turns His Back On Acting:

Former Star Wars child actor Jake Lloyd has told how he quit acting after school bullies mocked his Hollywood career and made life a "living hell." Lloyd decided on an early retirement

Oprah To Interview Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina & Whitney HoustonOprah To Interview Bobbi Kristina Brown:

Whitney Houston's teenage daughter is set to open up to TV queen Oprah Winfrey in her first interview since the death of her superstar mom last

Ratings: Idol Drops Slightly; ABC Comedies Up

American Idol | Photo Credits: Michael Becker/FoxRatings: Idol Drops Slightly; ABC Comedies Up:

American Idol's ladies weren't too far off of the boys' performance — ratings-wise, that is.

Idol's female semifinalists performance show won Wednesday for Fox with 17 million viewers and a 4.9 in the adults 18-to-49 demo — a tenth below Tuesday's rating. The ladies, however, managed to


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