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Sandra Bullock: Moving On with a New Special Someone?

Sandra Bullock: Moving On with a New Special Someone?:
Making the most of her Sunday afternoon, Sandra Bullock was spotted at a private party in Los Angeles yesterday (January 29).

The “While You Were Sleeping” actress looked to be in good spirits as she chatted with a mystery male. According to an eyewitness they arrived and left together in his Porsche.

Additionally, Sandra is the subject of tabloid rumors once again, and this time she’s still being romantically linked to her “Proposal” costar Ryan Reynolds.

An erroneous report claims, “Sandra’s still so hung up on Ryan, I think she’d drop everything at a moment’s notice to be his wife if her dream somehow came true and he

Sandra Bullock Goes Sleek and Shiny For Her Premiere With Tom Hanks

Sandra Bullock Goes Sleek and Shiny For Her Premiere With Tom Hanks:

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close stars Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock teamed up in NYC last night for their premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater. They posed on the red carpet with their young leading man, Thomas Horn, before hitting the press line. Sandra's been talking up Thomas' exceptional acting all week, including yesterday on The Today Show, telling, Matt Lauer, "He might only be 13, 14, but he's far more educated, wiser, kind, empathetic than most adults in this room."

Sandra debuted a sleek-haired look yesterday, and wore a black pantsuit from Alexander McQueen. The role in the 9/11 film is Sandra's first since winning an Oscar for The Blind Side in 2010. Memories of the attacks are still raw for the actress, and Sandra shared her experiences from 9/11 recently. Sandra said, "I was here, I saw it. I saw the second plane, I saw people falling. It's never left. I think if you're here in New York and you saw and you felt and you heard, it doesn't

5 Things To Know This AM

5-things-main5 Things To Know This AM:

We know you've probably already blocked it from memory, but what did you wear in high school? Jeans and a hoodie from your first concert? Although they might not be the pinnacle of style these days, it looks like our parents dressed a whole lot cooler to homeroom than we did. (Retronaut)
We might envy tall, statuesque women, but it looks like having extra height isn't all that easy when you're younger. (Tall Girls)
We'll be honest, when we first heard the phrase "Chanel cotton pads," we cringed, thinking that they were, you know, pads. Turns out our fears were unfounded, but we're still not paying $20 for these glorified nail polish removers. (Styleite)
Haven't gotten your 2012 calendar yet? Check out these ultra-modern options that might not be readable, but will still look damn cool on your wall. (Design Milk)
Just in case you have a 1%-er on your list, check out these ultra-snobby gifts they'll just love. (Cool Hunting)
Madonna Talks About Life, New Album, Her Movie And More!:
Madonna is busting out on the scene for 2012!
As reported on FitPerez, Madonna will be performing during Super Bowl XLVI in Indy.
Madge's performance will include Cirque de Soleil during the halftime show.
The superstar opened up about her upcoming and finished project for the next year.
The Friday before Super Bowl Sunday will be special as well as W.E. opens in theaters.
Madonna's not yet either!
Her new album is also set to release, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.
Check out the video above to find out what Madonna's planning.
Sandra Bullock Is Just "Some Hollywood Actress" To Jesse James Now!:
Appalling. The audacity, sir. The audacity.
After Jesse James turned his last two relationships into flaming trainwrecks, he's coming back to TV!
And with all of that baggage, you'd think it would teach him a thing or two about humility. And while he seems to have humbled back down to the the same ground his chopper buddies walk on, he's still looking like an a$!
On American Chopper: The Build-Off, he talks about turning into a snob around his old being a snob to Sandra Bullock!!! He says:
I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn't talk to anybody anymore, so I feel bad.
Oooh, Jesse. Oooh, Jesse Jesse Jesse. For shame.
Sandra is not just some Hollywood actress!
She's the woman who loved you beyond

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