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New Details On Lindsay Lohan's Hotel Fight

New Details On Lindsay Lohan's Hotel Fight:
A man who worked at the Standard Hotel the night Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a woman claims he saw Lindsay there, and even broke up the fight.

TMZ broke the story ... Marisa Dugas went to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and filed an incident report, claiming she was at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard Thursday night when she approached Lindsay's table and started talking to a guy, and Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan's Saturday Night Live Scores Second Highest Ratings of the Season

Lindsay Lohan's Saturday Night Live Scores Second Highest Ratings of the Season:
Lindsay Lohan | Photo Credits: Dana Edelson/NBC
Lindsay Lohan's return to the Saturday Night Live stage proved to be a ratings success.

The broadcast scored a 5.5 overnight rating and dominated the late-night time period. The episode, which also featured guest appearances by Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm, was also the second highest rated SNL of the season, falling behind the delayed

Lindsay Lohan's 'SNL' After-Party Rages Until Early Morning

Lindsay Lohan's 'SNL' After-Party Rages Until Early Morning:
While the critical response to Lindsay Lohan's "Saturday Night Live" hosting efforts has been less than positive, the ratings tell a different story. By the numbers, Lohan outshined past hosts like Alec Baldwin, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy and even Jimmy Fallon.
"I'm so excited for her," Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, told me. "She has worked so hard all week rehearsing. I'm so proud of her. Her brothers Mike and Cody and sister, Ali, were all with her. Thank you for believing in us."
However, it wasn't just her family that joined Dina in executive producer Lorne Michaels' office to watch the show. Dina also invited close family friend

Weekend Wrap-Up: Lindsay Lohan Takes On SNL, Christina Hendricks Gets Hacked

Weekend Wrap-Up: Lindsay Lohan Takes On SNL, Christina Hendricks Gets Hacked: Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan kicked off her latest comeback this weekend, hosting Saturday Night Live and pulling in some surprising ratings. But just in case you

Lindsay Lohan facing jail

Lindsay Lohan facing jail: Lindsay Lohan is expected to make her fourth trip to the county slammer Wednesday after a probation violation hearing with a fed-up judge, a source told the Daily News.

Another Gay Character Will Be Featured On Days Of Our Lives:
SO great!
NBC's relatively conservative soap Days of Our Lives will feature a second gay character in the upcoming weeks.
The character of Will Horton, played by Chandler Massey is the second character to come out on the show. The role of Sonny, played by Freddie Smith, joined the show last June, as a "good-natured young man who returns home to join his family." The show will explore his journey toward self-acceptance, which Chandler says:
"I'm thrilled to be able to portray my character in an empowering way that will show his struggle to accept who he is. It is my hope that this storyline will inspire others to be true to themselves as well."
Co-Exec Producer Greg Meng also put his two-cents about the character of Will, saying:
"We are excited to have the encouragement and support from both NBC and Sony to tell the inspiring story of a young man learning who he is as he defines and creates his relationships with others."
Viewers are already speculating whether or not Sonny and Will get together on the show. Actor Smith says:
"I'm going to be surprised. There are a lot of guys on the show, so it’s going to be interesting to see who I end up falling for. Someone new? Someone on the show? We all make jokes, 'Who am I going to make out with first?' It’s going to

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Accepts A Playboy Offer Worth $1 Million-ish!

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Accepts A Playboy Offer Worth $1 Million-ish!:
Times are tough and bail bondsmen don't pay themselves. A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

For YEARS, Playboy has been after Lindsay Lohan to do a nudie spread for the magazine. They offered her everything from money to creative rights and everything in-between and still, every time they wanted her, Linds shot them down. But the thing we've learned along the way is that if you want something badly enough from a celebrity - and you've got the capitol - all it really takes is money and patience. In time, they'll just come to you!

And in fact, LiLo's team did approach Hugh Hefner and Co., asking that Linds be paid no less that $1 million dollars to show everyone what she has got. They countered with