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Gerard Butler Attends Oscar Parties After Rehab Stint

Gerard Butler Attends Oscar Parties After Rehab Stint:

Gerard Butler returned to the party circuit in Hollywood on Saturday night just days after news of his recent rehab stint became public. The Scot recently completed a

Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher:

Machine Gun Preacher” is intriguing as it’s played, yet, if it weren’t a true biopic, it would be hard-pressed to accept as factual. The actual events follow Sam Childers (Gerard Butler), a rough-and-tumble, brawling biker and ex-con, with best bud, and cohort in crime Donnie (Michael Shannon, with sparse on-screen time). With a change of heart to redeem his wild ways and find himself, he turns to God and becomes a born again Christian. In cleansing himself of drugs and alcohol, the soul-searching Sam leaves his ex-stripper wife (Michelle Monaghan) and young daughter (Madeline Carroll) at home, and in the late nineties, travels to