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Sabrina A. Parisi

Sabrina A. Parisi (born April 10, 1982) is an Italian-born American celebutante, television personality, socialite, bestselling author, columnist, actress, model, fashion designer, businesswoman, champion dog breeder, who lives in Beverly Hills, California. She is the founder and owner of Dolce Sinfonia (DS), probably the best known champion and glamorous bloodline of Yorkshire Terriers in the world.
In recent years Parisi is best known for starring in a number of her own produced and directed reality shows, including "DCMP," "Sabrina Parisi For Fashion TV," "Sabrina HC," "Sabrina Parisi Hollywood Lifestyle," "7 Pound Superstar," "Sabrina Vuo Fa’ L’Americana," "Social Lights 90210," "The Angels," and in late October 2011 she announced her new TV project "Froganizer TV," a new reality series due out in early 2012.
Sabrina Alexandra Parisi was born in Italy into a wealthy and well-known family and w…