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Lili Ivanova

Lili Ivanova is a Bulgarian pop singer . Since 1961 she developed and continued performing concerts, record their own songs and albums, there are media events, participate in television programs, starred in movies. As a sign of respect for her contribution to the Bulgarian popular music it is sometimes called the "prime of Bulgarian pop music."

Childhood and school years
Lili Ivanova was born on April 24, 1939 [1] [2] in the town of Kubrat . It is named after his deceased older sister Liliana. In the baptismal certificate is saved as Liliana Ivanova Petrova.
Parents of Lili Ivanova are Maria Petrova and Damyanova Damianov Ivan Petrov (b. 1904). Her mother is from the village of Tetovo , to Kubrat. Her father was a clerk in the police and city hall in the period before September 9, 1944 , which subsequently causes the arrest of more than 3 months. During World War II began to deal with car rental hire, then it becomes a driver. Her mother is not generally worked, but financi…