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Lili Ivanova

Lili Ivanova is a Bulgarian pop singer . Since 1961 she developed and continued performing concerts, record their own songs and albums, there are media events, participate in television programs, starred in movies. As a sign of respect for her contribution to the Bulgarian popular music it is sometimes called the "prime of Bulgarian pop music."

Childhood and school years
Lili Ivanova was born on April 24, 1939 [1] [2] in the town of Kubrat . It is named after his deceased older sister Liliana. In the baptismal certificate is saved as Liliana Ivanova Petrova.
Parents of Lili Ivanova are Maria Petrova and Damyanova Damianov Ivan Petrov (b. 1904). Her mother is from the village of Tetovo , to Kubrat. Her father was a clerk in the police and city hall in the period before September 9, 1944 , which subsequently causes the arrest of more than 3 months. During World War II began to deal with car rental hire, then it becomes a driver. Her mother is not generally worked, but financial difficulties became a waitress. Family has four children, which are all the girls, two of them died of scarlet fever.
Family of Lili Ivanova paternal called Choco. Her grandmother and grandfather Her wealthy Bulgarians raising and dealing in horses, originally lived in what is now Romania , in the North Dobrogea . Subsequently moved to the village Ruse Nisovo . Her grandmother and her grandfather are Mary and Peter. After their marriage, they started living in the Republic, calling them "nisovliite" - a nickname by which they are called later both parents and herself Lili Ivanova. They have 12 children. Owners of the pub where the young future singer sometimes sings songs to visitors. [3] In their home lives later, the family of Lili Ivanova. Her grandparents Her mother is Maria and Peter.
Lili Ivanova family loves music. Her grandfather and her uncle on his mother's side play the violin very well. Her mother loved to sing popular songs of the time, even if only at home, and her father - Russian songs.
When Lilly is 7-8 years old, her parents and several relatives collect money to buy her accordion . However, since there is no one to teach her, she was trying to teach myself. In the 4-5 grade she is interested in it to learn to play the piano . The only pianist in Kubrat's companion Chernev, who is old age. Lily goes to classes with him, but only managed to take two lessons because the teacher she dies. A little later she began singing in the school choir, where singing all children. Although beautiful voice, she considers it just part of learning and thinking to deal with music. Furthermore, since the first grade she practiced gymnastics and even won a gold medal at the national championship in Ruse in 1952 World music that has the ability to listen is mostly Russian and Italian - the one run at wire broadcasting or radio.
In 1956 Lili Ivanova began to study at the Medical Vocational School for nurses and midwives in the city of Stalin (as it was then called Varna ) nurse - a prestigious profession at the time, and the School is not far from the Municipality. She lives in a lodge located "Shipka" against then-cinema "Republic" and not in a hostel. In this theater concerts popular singer Irina Chmihova in which young music student is deceived, but the future artist can not afford a ticket and

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