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Sabrina A. Parisi

Sabrina A. Parisi (born April 10, 1982) is an Italian-born American celebutante, television personality, socialite, bestselling author, columnist, actress, model, fashion designer, businesswoman, champion dog breeder, who lives in Beverly Hills, California. She is the founder and owner of Dolce Sinfonia (DS), probably the best known champion and glamorous bloodline of Yorkshire Terriers in the world.
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In recent years Parisi is best known for starring in a number of her own produced and directed reality shows, including "DCMP," "Sabrina Parisi For Fashion TV," "Sabrina HC," "Sabrina Parisi Hollywood Lifestyle," "7 Pound Superstar," "Sabrina Vuo Fa’ L’Americana," "Social Lights 90210," "The Angels," and in late October 2011 she announced her new TV project "Froganizer TV," a new reality series due out in early 2012.
Sabrina Alexandra Parisi was born in Italy into a wealthy and well-known family and was raised in a very sophisticated environment. Her grandfather, Salvatore Parisi, was an Italian pioneer and one of the biggest builders in South America and Italy. Living the glitzy European socialite life from an early age, including attending daily ballet classes, piano lessons and etiquette school, and exclusive parties, Sabrina was eventually labelled a modern European princess. She began to be covered by the tabloid press, which resulting in her becoming hooked on obtaining celebrity status. At the age of 12, she received a first European Award in Art for the creation “The Peace in the World” – “Mostra Estemporanea”, confirming she was a very talented artist. At 13 she started her dog kennel “Dolce Sinfonia” and began traveling with her family and entering dog championships worldwide. She became known as one of the youngest dog handlers and champion breeders in the world.
Since she was the target of numerous kidnapping attempts Parisi moved between numerous family homes in her youth, including an apartment in Pisa, Italy. Eventually she moved to the United States; first to New York, then Boston and finally in Los Angeles.
Life and Career Beginnings[edit]

At an early age Sabrina founded and registered her Yorkshire kennel “Dolce Sinfonia’ under the FCI and ENCI. Her dogs with the last-name of Dolce Sinfonia have won over 100 international and national championships in several parts of the world. Owners of the
very expensive DS blue champion line were sold to well known entertainment figures and other celebrities, family of the owners of the San Diego's Padres ( Petco Park ), breeders around the world and other VIPs.
DS dogs have also been seen on VH1 and TV shows such as "Celebrity Pet Unleashed." They have appeared on the RAI, Italian TV. DS dogs have been used in dog food commercials such as the Eukanuba (US), and sponsored by Purina Pro-Plan, Pedigree Pal and Science Diet (S. America).
In 1997, Sabrina founded Dolce Sinfonia Fashion & Collection, an exclusive brand of products for the trendy pet and pet owner located in Beverly Hills.
Sabrina is the author of “Just a Short Story of Nightingale,” released in the USA, Europe and South Africa in 1997. She is the author of the bestseller book "Passport Of A Champion," released in Europe on December 2006. She is the creator of “Nightingale’s Adventures” released in the USA on April 2007. She received an “honorable mention” at Harvard University for her short story “My Cousin’s Parrot speaks English Better than Me!”
She is a famed Columnist for "Rouge" Magazine in eastern Europe.
Sabrina has been involved with animal cause fund raising events in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. She and her dogs' photos have been published in many magazines worldwide. She is the founder and president of America Health For All, a non for profit organization for those individuals that cannot afford medical and/or veterinary care.
Sabrina Parisi and some of her champion Yorkies are the protagonists of a new movie documentary the “It’s A Dog Life” filmed by award winning Danish director Vibeke Muasya.
Mozart (MultiCh. WA Mozart Dolce Sinfonia) one of Dolce Sinfonia champion Yorkies was featured in the Krassimir Abramov music video for "Say Goodbye." On May 11, 2006, Mozart attended Krassimir's concert at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, becoming the first dog to enter the venue.
In 2009 Sabrina started her successful TV show series, airing mostly in Europe. From the beginning of 2010, two of her well known segments on Nova TV: "Hollywood Confidential" and "Sabrina Parisi’s Hollywood Lifestyle for Confidential" grabbed the audience by hitting the ratings and making Sabrina the new so called “TV European tycoon.”
An interesting fact: Sabrina and her champion dog Mozart were the models used by artist Ray Kobald to make the life-size bronze Dellora Norris sculpture. The sculpture stands on the east side of the Fox River in front of the St. Charles Municipal Center in St. Charles.

2008 - Space Girls in Beverly Hills

2005 - It’s A Dog’s Life - documentary
2008 - Social-Lights- Reality show
2008 - Social-Lights 90210- Documentary Feature movie
2008 - Snow Angels TV Commercial
2009 - Sabrina Parisi for Fashion TV (Reality TV)
2009 - Angels' Love TV Commercial
2009 - Don't Call Me Paris TV Reality
2009 - Sabrina Parisi Vuo Fa' L'Americana
2011 - Sabrina Parisi for Fashion TV - Fashionista(Reality TV)
2012 - Sabrina Parisi Fashion News - TV Movie
2012 - Sabrina Parisi Awards & Fashion Facts (TV Series)
2012 - FROGANIZER - TV Reality
2013 - KITEGIRLS 90210- TV Series

1997 - Nightingale...a little Yorkie
2006 - Passport Of a Champion
2006 - Celebrity Pets
2008 - Hollywood Columnist for Rouge Magazine
2010 - Hollywood Confidential
2010 - 7 Pound Superstar
2010 - Mini Stories - The Panther and the Stupid Frog
2011 - Hollywood Favorite Stories
TV Appearance[edit]

2007 - Uno-Mattina – RAI National Italian TV
2007 - PRO 7 – German TV
2008 - Hello Bulgaria –morning TV show on the national NOVA television in Bulgaria.
2008 - Azis's Late Night Show - popular talk show on TV 2 channel in Bulgaria
2008 - Elite show on the National Television of Bulgaria
2008 - E-Mell - TV show on Eurocom TV channel
2008 – For Animals with Love a Rossi Kirilova TV Show on National Bulgarian TV
2012 - Brides of Beverly Hills

2010 - Froganizer Fashion Line by Sabrina A. Parisi
Born as "Kiss The Frog", the women's fashion line was eventually renamed Froganizer. In October 2010, Sabrina's first lingerie line was presented at the Empire Club in Hollywood. December 2010 saw the beginning of an eccentric new style under the Froganizer brand that hit several of the most prestigious fashion shows and clubs in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

She practices kite-surfing and wake-boarding, a traditionally male extreme sports.
She is engaged and plans to get married in Zanzibar.
She is the founder, creator and executive producer of Pop, Fashion & Sport (Events/TV Series) to raise awareness about Ocean Pollutions.HERO DYD


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