Slavi Trifonov

Stanislav Todorov Trifonov (Bulgarian: Станислав Тодоров Трифонов) (born 18 October 1966), known as Slavi Trifonov (Bulgarian: Слави Трифонов), is a Bulgarian showman, actor, singer, viola and tambourine player, born in Pleven (Bulgarian: Плевен). Trifonov is mainly active in the folk music and chalga genres, but he has experimented with other genres such as pop-rock and punk as a part of Ku-ku Band (Bulgarian: Ку-Ку Бенд).
He is the host of Slavi's Show, bTV's late-night talk show. It is styled after the standard U.S. late-night talk shows; nevertheless, many topics and elements in the show's setup are aimed at providing a specific Bulgarian flavor.
The main scriptwriters of Slavi's Show are Ivailo Vulchev, Ivo Siromahov, Toshko Iordanov, Dragomir Petrov, and Kalinka Todorova.
Trifonov is a professionally trained violist. In the early 1990s, together with several of his classmates at NATFIZ, he created Ku-Ku. In 1996, as a cast member of Kanaleto, he took an active role in the protests that eventually led to the fall of the socialist government. He is both loved and hated in his home country. His current show is one of the most watched, although he is often criticized for his controversial humor. The concept of "Slavi's Show" has changed significantly over the years. Originally, it was based on the classic formula: for half of the show, he performed a type of "one-man show" (though not exactly; Trifonov was often accompanied by other actors and his Ku-Ku Band), and in the other half, Trifonov introduced a guest. At one point, the show became an arena for political debates before some important elections. Later on, Trifonov and his team changed the concept and made the show more music-focused. He held a contest
called "I sing in KuKu Band" in order to choose a singer for the band. Every phase of the contest was aired. The contestants had to deal with difficult singing tasks. Finally, because of the growing popularity of the contestants, Trifonov decided to continue the contest, turning it into a show. He chose the five most popular contestants (Lora, Liubena, Nadia, Svetlio, and Vlado) and let them compete for the grand prize: the winner would have the chance to record an album and have his or her own show. Meanwhile, Trifonov participated in the competition Eurovision - Bulgaria. There, he triggered a major scandal by stating that the winner was known in advance and the competition was not fair.
Trifonov has had a long-running feud with Ivan Kostov, which started because Trifonov thought that Kostov — who at the time was Bulgaria's prime minister — was the one who took Hushove off the air.
In 2005, Trifonov steered his show in a different direction. This time, the famous comedians Krasi Radkov, Liubomir Neikov, and Viktor Kalev riveted the attention of thousаnds of viewers. Later, Nikolay Stanoev joined the team of actors after being picked by Trifonov himself after another contest, but left the show. In 2006, Liubomir Neikov left Slavi's Show and joined Komitzite, and in his place, Slavi Trifonov hired a new comedian actress: Maia Bezhanska, who later also left the show.
In his show he has hosted numerous amount of debates, tournaments, shows, and contests. In 2006, Trifonov started a new reality show, "Dance with Me," and in 2008 he recorded the song "My Love" (featured on the Bulgarian edition of Ruslana's international album Wild Energy). Also, Slavi did a show called "Smart and Beautiful" (Umna i Krasiva); the winner was a Ukrainian girl.HERO DYD

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