Google Glass

Samsung continue to dominate the global smartphone market and also to expand its position among tablets in recent months. Korean giant plans to enter another attractive niche as already developing their own glasses of new generation. That device is designed as a competitor to Google Glass and expect its release to officially implement the exhibition IFA 2014 in Berlin in September inform DigitalTrends.

Particulars of the specifications are not known, but it will connect with our smartphones and tablets, allowing you to make calls, receive notifications, send messages, play music and take pictures. The first smart glasses Samsung developed codenamed Galaxy Glass and have built-in speakers, and a clear lens in one side, and the widget of Google. O t company are of the opinion that this niche market has great potential to become a billion dollar business, and naturally want to join it as soon as possible.

Samsung plans soon to represent the second generation of its clock Galaxy Gear, which is expected at a special event in March or April. The device will offer a completely new design and will probably oborudavno flexible displays based on OLED technology. So
the company hopes will remove the biggest drawbacks of its predecessor, to draw our attention to the second generation of Galaxy Gear.HERO DYD

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