10 Chic Winter Capes To Beat Your Seasonal Style Slump

17_buttoncape_Materialgirl_macys_24.9910 Chic Winter Capes To Beat Your Seasonal Style Slump: It's officially March, the month that can tempt us with a temperate breeze one moment and dash our dreams with a blizzard the next. It's no wonder that stylish gals city wide might be feeling the winter blues. We think the easiest way to beat style boredom during a long, cold season is a chic spin on a necessity, and today we're talking outerwear. Yes, whave to bundle up, but we don't have to be bored doing it. Leave your parkas at home for a while and step out in a chic cape that will keep you warm, lift
your spirits, and collect compliments like none other (and —bonus!—possibly channel Gwyneth at the Oscars). Outerwear that enhances your outfit, rather than hiding it, is is the goal of any smart, savvy Chicagoan, and cute capes are a guaranteed win. Who knows, this end-of-season switch up might be just what you need to make it to the end of winter in high, super hero spirits.

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