Victoria Beckham covers Numéro Tokyo March issue

Victoria Beckham Numero cover Jan 2011.jpgVictoria Beckham covers Numéro Tokyo March issue:

If it's one thing that Victoria Beckham knows how to do it's pose. The designer has definitely pulled more than her fair share of poses during her Spice Girl days and since then. Now she is giving her best "I'm-so-sexy-I-can-only-show-you-one-eye" pose for the March cover of Numéro Tokyo magazine.

Dressed in a mint green and burnt orange contrasting leather trench, Victoria hasn't seemed to slow down since giving birth to her fourth child, Harper Seven, back in July. The sub-heading on the cover reads "Super Lady" and I think that's a pretty good description of her. After all she is not only a mother, she is also a wife, celebrity and
one heck of a decent fashion designer. Where does she find the time?


Moss Popular