Kim Kardashian's Season Finale Shopping Spree

Kim Kardashian's Season Finale Shopping Spree:
Treating herself to some retail therapy, Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Fred Segal store in Los Angeles yesterday (January 29).

The “Disaster Movie” diva picked up some new duds, as well as a smoothie and take-out food from the cafe before she headed back home.

Meanwhile, the season finale of “Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan” showed the breakup of Kim’s short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, with Kris admitting that things had gone south.

He told Scott Disick, "It's getting to the point where we need to start talking about it. New York's been tough."

A subsequent conversation with Kim saw Humprhies admitting, “I think we need to get back to what it was. We got lost in the shuffle here.” Kim replied, “Sometimes I
just feel so dead inside because I haven’t really been myself here.”

And when it comes time for Humphries to relocate, Kim freaks out again. "Kris wants to move all of his stuff to L.A. There's something that I don't feel comfortable with him moving all of his stuff to my house."

She continues, "I feel bad for the guy, I changed his whole life. My feelings have changed. No matter what happens with Kris and I, we shared something really special. Something only he and I can understand. I love him and I care about him, but we're both not happy."


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