Study: A Single Magic Mushroom Trip Causes Long-Term Positive Changes To Personality

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Dutchban6-2006-2Study: A Single Magic Mushroom Trip Causes Long-Term Positive Changes To Personality:
In a John Hopkins study, a majority of people who took a single dose of psilocybin were more imaginative, sensitive, and tolerant towards others for months afterward. In other words, psilocybin needs to remain illegal because it’s a threat to society. Via MedPage Today:

Many individuals who took a single dose of psilocybin — the
active ingredient in what the drug culture calls “magic mushrooms” — showed alterations in personality characteristics, largely for the better, that persisted for more than a year, a prospective scientific study showed.

Participant…tended to show increases in the personality dimension known as openness, according to Katherine A. MacLean, PhD, and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University. Openness is generally considered a positive characteristic and includes such traits as aesthetic appreciation and sensitivity, imagination, intellectual engagement, and awareness of feelings in themselves and others.

The findings were consistent with previous studies and anecdotal reports from psilocybin users, who have said the drug changed their interactions with the world long after the acute effects wore off, MacLean and colleagues said.

Psilocybin is obtained from a variety of mushrooms and acts at the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor. It exploded in popularity for inducing “mind-expanding” hallucinatory experiences in the 1960s. Among the purported benefits are increased creativity, greater appreciation of music and visual art, and more tolerance of other people.

The current research involved 52 adult volunteers, whose self-described motivations were generally “curiosity about the effects of psilocybin and the opportunity for extensive self-reflection.”


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