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They're here!

Do visit us aliens? In an increasing number of UFO witnesses in question is another concern - I hide contacts with governments and why aliens do? Italian MEP Mario Borgezio by the European Parliament requested declassification of UFO records in Europe. And on July 7 in Strasbourg will hold a press conference over 50 scientists from Europe, which support its position that it is high time the mountain of data out of UFO secrecy, because the science is needed.
In an interview with "24 hours" these days Borgezio list and occurrence of cases of UFOs and extraterrestrials in Bulgaria.
First Contact
On June 24, 1947 businessman Kenneth Arnold piloted his private plane near Mount Reyniar, Washington, and finds 9 bright object flying over the mountain. The incident was widely covered in the media and it starts with the UFO hysteria. Arnold described the objects as flat as a skillet, "" shaped thin plate, "as Crescent - elongated oval front and rear. Since then, shall use the term "flying saucer".
In the next few days from different parts of America reported UFO rain and crew of United Airlines reported on July 4 for 9 disk in the sky over Idaho. This adds weight to the testimony of Arnold and the U.S. authorities understood that the new phenomenon was born, which must be brought under control.
Accidental or not, explodes after a few days the famous incident in Roswell. On July 8th army in the town in New Mexico reported that soldiers found crashed "flying disk" on a ranch and killed aliens. Media thunder and military quickly realize that they are at fault. At a press conference tepokazvat remnants of the broken body and to explain that it was a weather balloon, but no bodies at all. The case is forgotten even by ufolozite, but it is more correct to say that blanket.
Case of "Roswell" and start hiding conspiracy theories of UFO encounters with by the authorities in the U.S. and worldwide.
To allay public pressure in July 1947 the U.S. Air Force and the FBI began investigating the most popular claims of UFO. After three weeks released report states that "flying saucers" are not just a hoax or a natural phenomenon.Really
something flying around
The conclusion leads to the "Sayn" Air Force, one of the first government investigations. His conclusions are classified. In August 1948 the project participants wrote a secret report and head of Hoyt Vandenberg Air Force hastily ordered it destroyed.
"Sayn" was disbanded and transformed into Project Blue beech, which carcass information and investigate the UFO down to 70 on part of his data are available, but classified as a "threat to national security" are coded. 70 years of secret UFO data accumulate and the CIA, FBI, NASA and others.
Battle for middle information again when the organization Citizens against UFO secrecy of "the Law is based on access to information and managed to force the agencies to begin to record declassification of UFO. Thus it is clear that many agencies are interested in the phenomenon, but the documents do not reveal anything about suspicions that the government had secret UFO projects. However, not everything is confidential.
57 species of aliens are described in the catalog
back in 1989, says Clifford Stone - from former military special forces engaged by the CIA to clear wreckage of crashed flying saucers. In some cases, were found among the debris and the bodies of their dead pilots.
"The vast majority of these 57 species are humanoid. Why is it so scientists can explain. But most of us are like that, people would not distinguish them on the subway. Some are much higher, others have heightened senses - hearing and hypersensitive sense of smell, ability to see in the dark and know the color of things just a touch, Stone describes. He is an activist of the Disclosure Project, which calls for declassification of all records of aliens.
U.S. is not the only country with a government keen interest in UFOs. In the 50's and 60's, Canada made several investigations in the case of UFO Falcon Lake in Manitoba and the Shag port in Nova Scotia, and the circles in the fields of Alberta. However, they remain unresolved, and yavlnieto UFO confirmed.
In March 2007 the French Centre for Space Research published online archive about UFOs and similar phenomena.Described are 6000 cases in 30 years, with 14 percent of them are not subject to rational explanation. It is said that UFOs are "real flying machines beyond our understanding and the best explanation for their presence is alien origin."In the late 90's, the investigation team of experts "Comet" accuses U.S. of hiding evidence of UFOs and alien Announces hypothesis plausible in many suspected cases.
UK declassified in 2008, eight collections of UFO files collected between 1978 and 1987 Most of them do not actually contain secret information. 200 more records to be declassified in 2012, most general conclusion of the authorities is that these are optical illusions, mirages, psychological delusions or falsification.
While it maintains a rich archive of meetings with UFO, Russia was in no hurry to publish them.
In fact, people see UFO encounter and the most ancient times. That is evidence from around the world - the shapes of the Nazca Plateau in South America, drawings Tasili astronauts from the Sahara, hundreds of medieval frescoes, paintings and even the church in the village Dobarsko.
Apparently they are here long ...
Svetoslav STEFANOV

Lachezar Filipov, astrophysicist: Sooner or later we will meet

- MEP Mario Borgezio want to UFOs declassified archives in Europe. What they will serve the science, Mr. Filipov?
- Borgezio and another 17 MEPs struggle to make the first full filing cases of UFOs. Since the last official address to the UN from 1978 to date on this subject is silent. Several times presidents Medvedev and Obama also tried to move the problem of disclosure of UFO cases. In Russia and the United States and in other countries has gained a lot of material. There are museums of elements of UFOs. And the U.S. even kept copies of the so-called green little men who have done their autopsies.
- Why UFOs are secret?
- UFO fallen inspire the creation of new technologies and one of the reasons for purposeful concealment of such cases is the keeping of such information. The other reason is psychological - not everyone would accept that we are not alone in the universe. Complexed We think that if we have their place, we harm. After all, to satisfy their own needs, laying all around him. No matter how crazy you sound, the trend towards legitimizing the UFO is to enable mankind to prepare for the meeting. We want it or not, sooner or later it will happen.
- Is not it dangerous?
- If they are what we will become after 50-100 thousand years, you are intellectually distant from us. They see us as we of pitekantropite and Cro-Magnons.
- Some scenarios for the meeting are catastrophic - like to enslave us, to oposkat Earth ...
- If you want to enslave us, why wait to develop? For extraterrestrial artifacts have ever since the pyramids. We do not porobiha then why do it in an age of nuclear technology? And if they will use Earth resource base, why wait for it to zapaplyat 6.5 to 7 billion people? Can eradicate much earlier.
Must take into account the fact that several times in human history have so-called podbutvane ...
- Podbutvane?
- Well, where he came from the Bible - it is not known. It has one word "Elohim" which in Hebrew means "come from heaven." However, she deliberately translated as "god." Another example is Mesopotamia - civilization that has been pushed, and then it all started. If the earth people and resources have been a victim, it would not happen. The presence of aliens is activated after humanity is nuclear power. I.e. once we figure, we become something meaningful in the universe.
I am very good friend of Corr. HSH Kardashov by the Russian Space Research Institute. He gave the definition of the 3 types of civilizations. The lowest is that which speaks to the energy of the planet, second - the star, while the third - of its galaxy. Us for the lowest level we need another 150 years And aliens who fly around, and they are humanoid, apparently broken through glass technology barrier to us.
Tsiolkovsky wanted to create a space industry. He said humanity should build a space infrastructure, the so-called Tsiolkovsky areas through which to control the climate and energy on the planet. These areas and their modern variant - the Dyson are the way to humanity.
- Borgezio gives examples of UFO in Bulgaria - and Karapelit Dibich, Bulgaria. Do you know them?
- No. But considering that in Bulgaria people like me who are trying to legalize the topic of aliens, are ridiculed by the media and even by colleagues.
I became such a sacrifice, and many of my followers drew. In Russia, Ukraine, France, England, Italy, Czechia, Canada, Australia and others. has special scientific committees. This year as we celebrate 50 years since the creation of an international organization SETI-the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In almost all these countries there are sections of SETI, we do not only in Bulgaria. Before 1989 had a policy of Sciences to participate in this committee, I worked there for 8 years and this job I am rewarded with Carl Sagan in 1987 with the Medal of the Soviet Academy of Sciences "Tsiolkovsky. But after the change "alien" became a dirty word here.
- Why UFOs are not from 1989?
- In 1989 there were esoteric books, filled with fortune-tellers, kontaktyori, psychic. I have to bring me loads of books with Grammy would dictated by aliens. It was not Tsarichinska hole, it was not UFO over Russe ... When a person suddenly falls bezpatitsa, captured with such things. Unfortunately esoteric science to go. And while science hesitates, she heads full of people with nonsense.
- You also get reputation with "contacts".
- But I "divorced" with Mariana kontaktyorkata Vezneva and the group around her. I went there to find out to what extent the esoteric can be used as a database for research of the phenomenon "corn circles". Abroad these pictograms are studied by physical, chemical and biological analysis. Seedlings are bent by heat, but other biological environment is not affected. May mazerna technology circles but was before 50, 100 and more years. So we are not!
- MoD UFO files there?
- Lower pensioned from Metropolis pilots are faced with UFOs. I myself in 1968 watching a balloon over Sofia. Turns out, however, NATO.

Who saw Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon

One of the biggest mysteries of the twentieth century has seen what the American astronauts on the moon? Why are flights to nearby celestial body stopped so suddenly? Why was preferable to assemble the orbital space station in the nearby without access to minerals and other resources? Why are the first people who stepped out there - the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, so mysterious are isolated and suspended their public appearances, is withdrawing from the deep American province?
In Internet forums, and is full of rumors that the two are seen with their eyes large base of aliens on the moon. Cite even known the names of reputable scientists and experts from NASA, which nourish the authenticity of these claims.
According to some sources, this base is located on the reverse side of our moon, which is not visible from Earth.Word is that Armstrong contacted by aliens and whether they clearly to understand that people should stop their quest for the moon ...
According to Milton Cooper, naval intelligence officer, alien base exists and was known among marine intelligence as "Luna" (using the Slavic name of the satellite). Its inhabitants developed a large mining extraction of minerals by means of huge machines. They kept there parked their parent spacecraft and shuttle to Earth with a small "flying saucers". The base was coated, and even views of the later American expeditions to the ship Apollo.
In his book "More than Top Secret" Timothy Goode extensively addresses the matter is I met the crew of Apollo-11 "with UFOs on the Moon. According cited by him, but unconfirmed intelligence Armstrong and Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after landing on the moon on July 21, 1969 "I remember that I heard one of the astronauts refer to during the session for the video connection to a huge afterglow on the horizon. On the ground Control in Houston asked for more information soon, but nothing more is heard on the matter.
According to former NASA employee Otto Binder unnamed amateurs caught with their FM receiver devices, bypassing the frequencies of the NASA Exchange of the following lines:
NASA: What's going on? Ground control calling 'Apollo-11 "...
Apollo: These "Babies" are huge, sir. Huge Oh, God! It is unbelievable, I tell you that I see here other spacecraft, stacked on the other side of the crater. They are the moon and watching us! "
In 1979, the former chief of NASA Communications Systems Chatelet Morris confirmed that Armstrong really seeing two UFOs on the rim of the crater. "Everyone at NASA know about this meeting, but nobody has yet talked about it," he reveals.
According Chatelet all flights of ships "Apollo" and in early Gemini were followed - sometimes from afar, and sometimes from very close distance - from the spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers. " Chatelet remember that Walter Schirra aboard Mercury-8 "first invented codenamed" Santa Claus "to indicate the presence of flying saucers to the U.S. spacecraft. James Lovell on board the Apollo-8 "- the vessel that first circumnavigated the Moon, told so that all may hear:" Please note that there is Santa Claus. " While this happened on the top of Christmas in 1968, many saw the hidden meaning in his words.
Battle of Los Angeles
Huge UFO hover over the city on February 25, 1942 hundreds of people see it. Flying saucer fly several times over California and the military obstrelyana awaiting attack by Japan. The ship was not hit, did not reciprocate the fire and disappeared.
Meeting Leite. Gorman
On October 1, 1948 landing at an airport in North Dakota against his airplane appears circular object with flashing lights. Gorman tries to detect and examine better, but the body escapes and disappears.
Lights over Texas
On August 25, 1951 a group of bright lights appeared in the sky over the state and photographed. The authenticity of the picture is disputed and not proven. Rational explanation of the phenomenon is lacking.
UFO over Washington
In July 1952 twice radars detect objects above the Capitol. They have seen and photographed by witnesses. Objects moving around 150 km / h, but accelerated to reach 10,000 km / h.
Meet at Cusack
On August 29, 1967 two children saw four black lower beings to leave the shiny sphere with a diameter of 4-5 m, which flew quickly after the meeting. Police found that where the field was, the grass is yellowed.
Burned in Trans en Provence
On January 8, 1981 farmer heard strange noise and sees a flying saucer with a diameter of 2.50 meters to land nearby. However, it takes off very quickly and disappears. Site remain traces of burning.
The wave over Belgium
In the autumn of 1989 many Belgians said they had seen the triangular UFO. Spring photographer managed to capture one of the sites. Radars also detect strange objects in the sky.
Hanging over the Channel
In 2007, the crew and passengers of the plane over the Channel glowing UFO seen over a kilometer in length. He hung motionless in the sky at an altitude of 700 meters above the island of Jersey.

Hang over the Dobrich flash in Karapelit

Dobrich is constantly visited by ambiguous objects considered by the club Seekers of alternative forms of life in Bulgaria. Ufolozite studied many phenomena in the region, talked with eyewitnesses, have led diaries. Prof. Veselin Boyanov, President of the club, lists the following facts:
Hippodrome in Dobrich, October 29, 1993, between 22.30 to 23 h with witnesses - Plamen Dimitrov guards and Ahmed Sali. Plamen noticed that dogs razlayvat and go to see what happens. Visible light over one of the alleys and distinct oval-shaped object, which hangs over the asphalt path. Diameter of 1.40 m. Once -1.50 constantly, taken off the body. At the same time, Ahmed Salih, keeper of the adjacent site, visible blue light and decide that it is a reflection of the police car. Looks and of course, is that body that pending a few minutes. Scared, because it hum like a refrigerator.
Eng Boyanov went on site and made photographs. They can see material that is discharged to the asphalt and it is vpil. Could not pay him and took samples of asphalt tracks. Sent them in several laboratories. Established that the material is polypropylene used in the aerospace industry as an insulator. There is no explanation of what makes this place. UFO is probably affecting him and it melted.
Karapelit, September 24, 1989, a time to witness her mother and son
Latest movie watched, but the TV started to flash. A woman looks out the window and sees any body flying over the house and stops over the yard. Take a flashlight and son to support and deliver. See 3 pieces - one in the middle of the garden and the other at both ends. She lit a lantern, without approaching. Three silhouettes are about 1.50 meters high Where is the head, have lights. When a woman prisvetva, lights flicker across the street also. She decided that making contact several times with primignala lantern. Lights its response. Pause, then moved silhouettes, mother and son was frightened and ran into the house and locked. At 5:00 this morning found a sort of steps on the grass. Rear their children as part of sole, the front - like a spear. Grass around them was burned. Long time not shared with anyone seen to take them for crazy.
Month earlier at the other end of the village shepherd spotted a body that lands to the highway. It was after 21 hours and then a little way from both directions is set cars. The object rose, and bit off povisyal west.
For ufolozite Karapelit is abnormal area with many such events. Particularly during a solar eclipse in 1999 skinner then noticed an object and so scared, they run like crazy in tranatsite. In the nearby village of Ivanovo Colonel also saw this UFO, which seems to hover nearby, convinced Mr. Boyanov.
In Dibich were large queues and
"They were large, with two tails, came from the planet Gaystorb and lived 500 years," said George Chaprazov Dibich village of Shumen. He is the father of Theodora, which in 1988 for 10 years was visited by aliens in contact with them, and visual memory of the "guests" and he has.
It all starts at the end of 1988 George is 52 years, and Theodora - 12. Stefka's mother live in modest one-story house in Dibich. One evening the family's guests, but enter neighbor and said: Come you, is something in you!
Home view is indescribable: eerie sounds are heard, something moving objects, rolled carpet, breaking glassware, turned refrigerator. Calling police and the mayor comes, but to them nothing happens. Later became clear that visitors from another planet are directed primarily at Theodora. When they are in the house, things began her people, it pushes, throws it on the ground, twisting her legs
According to his father in 1989, newcomers began to enter the body of the girl. "Her belly is swollen like a pregnant, we found that fear of smoke, so chasing them - firing a few cigarettes in the room," says George Chaprazov.
Case "Dibich" engages scientists from the laboratory to study phenomena ekstraordinernite at Shumen University.Her boss Prof. Yordanka Peneva spent 10 days in Chaprazov. Before her "thing" continues to inkvizira child. By the time between Theodora, and her father was born and alien friends. On April 5, 1989, and the girl knows their names - Tsaitsa, Gonkis, Chino, Z, Zofia, Pegis, Kalsi, Zun. Are welcome Gaystorb which is № 10 solar system, galaxy 5 and is 458 light years. Talk to them tonski language, even once they dialed the phone. "The code was at least 50-digit," said Stefka mother. According to Theodora lived in those 500 years. A hint of Zun Uncle George medicine to cure your hemorrhoids. "It helped and the other from the village," explained the man.
Clairvoyant Lady of merging them predicted that when Dora gets 22, it will stop. Indeed, the week before August 28, 1998 'from above' ordered both parents to make several secret ritual and everything stopped.
After an unsuccessful first marriage Theodora finds happiness in Lyaskovets, and since 2004 with her parents and have her in their house in Dibich now lives retired teacher Ivanka Yovcheva. "I've heard the story of this house and aliens, but to me nothing unusual has happened here," said the woman.
Snap all week in Kardjali
To this day I remember very clearly at night, which saw a flying saucer from the balcony of the apartment, "says 22-year-old Anton Dimitrov from Kardjali. He first saw the UFO, which the inhabitants of Vazrozhdenci admire all week.Today, Anton is third year student at the NSA and is preparing for the Republican Cup canoe.
"It was the beginning of August 2002 I could not sleep and went out on the terrace," says Anton. 5 th floor overlooking the street boy and neighboring blocks. "At 1:00 on the hill, visible from the terrace, he suddenly saw a bright round object the size of an egg. Thing painted oval in the sky and disappeared in the place from which appear." After quarter of an hour bright object appears again, makes the same movement again and disappears. Boy timing and it appears that bright circle appears every 15 minutes. After the fourth occurrence Anton wakes his father. Family out on the terrace, but the bright circle is gone.
"My brother Andrew started joking with me," Anton recalls. During the day the boy told friends about the case, but his laugh again. However, the boys decide to follow the night sky and also see the bright circle. For it razchuva in the coming days people witness a series of strange phenomena. Some see lights in the shape of a bird, others, such as line, circle, triangle. "Some said that someone made fun of and prosvetva hill with a strong spotlight. But if it was gun, the thing would be a ray, rather than round," said Anton.
Lights throw people into panic in the surrounding blocks. Girls from neighboring input even call the police. "The time police patrol, porazpitaha and left," said Anton. The police did not remember the case. Interior does not record calls on patrols, casualty if not found.
Peter Bakov: Vanga see them!
Peter Bakov is one of the few recognized dusheprikazchitsi of Petrich prophet Vanga. "I grew up in Kera Vanga. It ran beside her as a boy. Many of the things that I said I could not figure out. Only as I grew up, I understand it. It spoke one language - the language of spirituality, and the intangible dimension galactic "says 71-year-old petrichanin. He is a poet, composer, musician and artist. Some call him eccentric. The roof of the 5-storey house raised its chapel and painted it himself, then nakachi walls with countless pictures, carvings and photos. The toilet door has put a portrait of Todor Zhivkov. "Before you go, knock. You are going to Tato only if you have a great need, "jokes Bakov. Does it hangs at the entrance sign: "I give in tick day. Yesterday I gave. "
He has written over 20 books, among them "On your knees before Vanga" with memories of her. Argues that her recording and cassettes, but after years of them stole it. Bakov lived several years in the U.S.. A son, daughter and granddaughter. I recently put his four heart bypass. Currently preparing a book of poems.
- Mr. Bakov what you told Aunt Vanga UFO?
- Most responsibly declare that there is extraterrestrial life on a higher level of development than us. Kera Vanga told me: "Peshe, we are the third level, there are up to 33 th. But she had reached the 26-th level and contact with the Creator. Vanga could pass from dimension to dimension. Believed that man is reborn to 150 times. Saw aliens as light tiles, as scales of fish. He appointed me to tell you this, but I worried that no one would believe me and spat at me. But I gave her word and tell why. She said that we are from the Andromeda Galaxy, Niburu planet that rotates between two suns in orbit as a loop.
- It is said that contact with aliens from the planet Vanfim?
- In front of me was not mentioned, but possible. Life is everywhere. Our alien represented differently. I feel them as an energy hologram. Give us signals, but we are stupid and think instead, tend to argue. Crop circles have such a signal.One thinks that there is no other life in the universe, just because we are at a lower level. Like an amoeba to tell you whether there are people. We want to see aliens with eyes, mouth, nose, bones, flesh. They have energy, spirit. In the space teeming with civilizations.
- Sharing Is Vanga for meetings with aliens?
- Kera Vanga saw aliens landing near Rupite. The name comes from Rupee - alien guardians of cosmic water. She started going there for water. He sat against a rock of the turn of the Struma and there watched the alien land. He asked me: "You see them Peshe? They are our subconscious and nadsaznanie. Sometimes seen, as she said, the golden horse golden god.
- Only with you, you spoke of space issues?
- With fewer people. With me, Lyudmila Zhivkova Professor Lozanov know and son Grisha Filipov. Ludmila was a special man with prophetic abilities, and therefore saw first killed her. At his first meeting with Todor Zhivkov also told him amazing things. He struck dumb and 15 minutes could not come himself. Then picked up the phone and ordered her to relax Volga and personal driver. Most people are not talking to her about spiritual, and whether you will find a stolen treasure, if someone cheats on his wife, whether the child will recover - not material things. And it was far above them. He said that life begins and ends with humanity, has a much higher understanding.
- Are you afraid of Vanga aliens?
- None of extraterrestrial intelligence does not come to destroy us or to colonize us. Vangelia Kera told me not to scare them, they are gentle, not knowing what is evil, not intrusive. Where once fell into a trance, told me that mankind will enter into the cosmic brotherhood, but not earlier than 2050
- What do you tell Vanga flight to the moon in 1969?
- I will just ask you - after 1969 may have heard someone talking about a flight to the moon? Do not you think that if something happened, which is secured deeply, far more people are stepped on the moon? Kera Vanga in his own way saw stepped on the moon. Told me that astronauts were warned not to human foot step there for at least 50 years pictures are coded, everything is deleted or truncated. Earth slipped only a small part. Vanga knew more, but said nothing.
- Is it true that Gagarin was not dead?
- Gagarin was alive. Aliens have kidnapped him and will not return, said Vyacheslav Kera Tihonov of Vanga. Hitler was also contacted by them.
Spaceport near Key
UFO landing regularly in pine forest near the village of Petrich Key says locals Cyril Yakimov, nicknamed aliens.There is a meadow called the cosmodrome. Yakimov already met them 40 years and has hundreds of photos. For some of them allegedly composed himself to bowl. He inozemtsite have seven fingers are covered with foil. In the first years of democracy dozen photographers camping out for days in anticipation of the cosmodrome of UFOs.
Spawn in Roma Mahala
In the summer of 2007 psychosis gripped the Roma community in Harmanli Malamar dere for elusive alien. Witnesses describe him as "great creature with the head of the jackal or goat and sunken cheeks. Brat wanted to gypsy mated to create a more sustainable form of life. It appeared after 21.30 pm through walls and locked doors. Men walked steadily with knives and bats, and sent extra police patrol MI on duty in the neighborhood.
Two plates over Trapezitsa
These days tarnovets filmed flying objects over Mount Trapezitsa. According Vihren dishes hung Shilkov 3:00 pm on June 15. Most were fixed, but changed the lower position. Finally, missing gathered in a northerly direction.
Color Star in Vejen
Professor of mathematics and informatics at the School of Applied Arts at Troyan Marin Vutov and Radio Amateurs and Vesko Donk saw luminous body of 24 April 2009 over neighborhoods and Yovchevska Kyuchushka Patreshko in the village. It shines in the sky until after midnight. "It was a star in green, blue, red, orange, yellow, but most were blue, told Vutov. Pulsating body, he is detached and two luminous balls dropped. Twice is split in two and head to peak Vejen. Its size was like a football. Vutov was a candidate for municipal councilor in Troyan. Ten days before the incident, traveling with his girlfriend, also saw such a body. Saw him and others. And in the village of Beli late already seen alien Petko Chavdarov levels to digging earth with illuminated device.
Afterglow over Pordim
On the night of October 19, 1998 in a chimney landed Pordim luminous body and makes 10 minutes afterglow over the roofs. Night becomes day. People rush from town to tape recorders and cameras, but the technique fails. "It was huge and roared as the ball drill. Suddenly descended and went to 5-6 meters above me. Like current hit me. He lifted me 20 centimes from the earth, then let me go and took the village Zgalevo smoothly in the sky", describes Lazarinka Simeonova, whose house has selected Alien. Pordimchani tore after him and miles run, but the body is lost to the village Pelishat like melts. In Pordim associated emergence of the luminous body poltargaysta, Lazarinka inhabited house in the autumn of 1989, scientists from the University of Shumen studied the phenomenon of half a year. Vera Kochovska phenomena and Ilko Kazandjiev revealed his secret. According to them under the slab of the house lies Lazarinkinata young woman stuck by his father to a baby not by a Turk.
Halo end Mel White
A month ago in Montana village of Beli Mel see blue glowing disc in the sky, which comes down just above the cave site of Petrov Dol. Wear it for fame that is inhabited by primitive man. Its entrance is a triangular, three meters wide and 5 meters high inside a large gallery and dry with a branch 10 m and some stalactites.


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